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Specializing in Digital Strategies, Technology Evaluation, and Strategic Sourcing



Helping Navigate the Changing Digital Landscape

KRE Global Advisors, Inc. offers a wide range of strategic consulting services to content driven industries. Whether you're a publisher, a media company, an information provider, or other content oriented business, we can help you succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how KRE Global Advisors, Inc. can work for you.

Digital Strategies

Achieve Your Goals

The digital world continues to accelerate.  Understanding how to fit your current content or products into a rapidly changing digital world will be a key to business success. From content creation and ingestion, taxonomy and tagging, search optimization, fulfillment, distribution and revenue creation, we can help you better understand where in the content supply chain you can leverage processes and technology to your advantage.  Whether you are trying to become more cost efficient or to create new products and services, we can help.

Platform Evaluation and Selection

Optimize Your Environment

Your content platform drives how your content can be ingested, enriched, distributed and sold.  Selecting the right platform will impact your business model more than any other technology decision you make.  Whether to accept a closed vendor platform, buy and modify, or build your own, a mistake can cost millions of dollars in real cost, and multiples of that in opportunity cost.  KRE Global Advisors can help you balance your requirements against available technologies to ensure that you make the right decision for today, while retaining the flexibility you need in a dynamic market.

Strategic Sourcing

Find The Best Resources

Understanding where in the world you need to go for your technology and business services needs can be daunting and confusing.  Changes in capabilities, market maturity, and the entrance of new service providers makes it imperative that you understand the best mix for your needs.  Using a standardized approach to evaluating your specific requirements we can help you create a new sourcing strategy from the ground up, optimize the one you have, or simply audit and assess your current environment to identify areas of improvement or additional value.  If you believe that you should be getting more out of your outsourcing relationships, contact us.  We can help you unlock the additional value you know is there.

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